Tips during the flight

A thrifty tourist can rarely hope for a comfortable first-class seat. However, a seat in the economy class is not yet the reason to suffer during the flight hours. Simple advice will help and facilitate your flight.

1. Take a comfortable seat on the plane. Sometimes you can select it when checking in online, sometimes when checking in at the airport. If you prefer to sleep during the flight, take a window seat. If you do not, take an aisle seat to be able to stand up more often without bothering your fellow-travellers. In order to have enough space for legs, it is especially comfortable to have seats near the emergency exits.

2. Try and take the tickets so that the longest flight is at night.

3. Use a sleeping mask, ear plugs or earphones. In order not to forget about them at the last minute, do not pack them in the suitcase, but put them at once in your hand luggage.

4. Take warm socks. During the flight it is preferable to take off your shoes for the better blood circulation in legs. It is also a good idea to take slipper to go to the toilet.

5. Put on many layers of clothes – 2 thin sweaters are better than one which is too hot. Moreover, it is desirable to have one spare sweater, even if you fly in the heat of July.

6. Do not wear tight-fitting clothing. Garments should not be too tight, cut, rub, press your body – you will have to sleep in them and, most likely, fidget while sleeping. In addition, it is preferable to select the clothes made of natural “breathing” fabrics.

7. If you tolerate sleeping pills well, it is not a bad idea to take one. It is a must to take only those medicines, which you have already tried on the ground and which will have no side effects.

8. Do not look at the flight map. You should not think too much of the fact that you have 10 more hours of the flight or that you are currently flying over the Arctic ocean.

9. Keep your mind busy with any activity – books, games, sudoku, medication etc.

10. Drink more water. Water thins blood and reduces the risk of thrombosis. If you are flying with low-cost airlines and the on-board food service is not provided, it is a must to take food with you (if permitted) or a collapsible plastic water bottle, which you can fill on board.

11. Do not eat too much during the flight, but do not refrain from food either.

12. If you are not sleeping, try to walk at least several minutes every hour

13. Do not sit with your legs crossed for a long time, do not press legs under you.

14. Sitting in the armchair, do simple exercises from time to time – square and open fists, move shoulders and legs.

15. If you do not have an unpleasant reaction to aspirin, you can take a pill of aspirin before the flight. Aspirin reduces blood coagulability and significantly reduces the risk of thrombosis. This is especially important if you have any cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc. However, consulting your doctor beforehand is a must – whether you are allowed to take aspirin.

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