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To learn more about Copenhagen than just its name, you should go on a tour. It is better to see everything with your own eyes, get the feeling in your heart, than to experience the city through other peoples stories or to watch a video... By the way, not every native of the city knows as much as a visitor. They know the location of streets, names of districts. They know their neighbourhood perfectly as well as a couple of museums in the historic centre, and where he or she was when at school, but not more.

Tourists on the contrary compile information about local attractions, interesting places, investigate city guides and learn a lot of useful information about the city, they are planning to visit. In this article we will discuss the possibilities for personal acquaintance with Copenhagen.

Romantic places in Copenhagen:

In this article you will find:

Free guided tours - create your own route on an interactive map

Bus Tours - learn the pros and cons of Hop on / Hop off sightseeing tours

Copenhagen for children - places that will be interesting for your children in Copenhagen

Tours outside Copenhagen - interesting places where you can go with the child outside of Copenhagen

Guided tours - dive yourself into the legends and histories of Copenhagen

Extraordinary tours - the most unusual tours in Copenhagen

Budget sightseeing tours - sightseeing tours for budget travellers

In the Middle Ages all the Scandinavian states were merged into one large Danish kingdom. Therefore, all the southern lands of today's Sweden, called Skåne, which includes cities such as Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg were originally Danish territory. We invite you to see medieval Denmark, learn about region Skåne, meet the local people and feel the spirit of modern Sweden. Read more about tours to Sweden here.

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