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For most travellers Denmark is associated with fairy-tales by H.C. Andersen. Because of that, children are often taken on a trip to Denmark. This section is devoted to the family tours in Copenhagen. Until now, this subject has not been given much attention, and it's time to fix it.

How to spend two wonderful days in Copenhagen?

In Copenhagen there are plenty of places, where children can spend their time merrily and usefully. The most available are those  attractions, which are situated in the city. Below you can find the list of the places interesting primarily for children as well as for adults. 

1. Tivoli amusement park and Aquarium are a real paradise for children. It is a must-go place if you are in Copenhagen with your child. Here is such a variety of attractions and playgrounds that children’s happiness will be endless. On the ground floor of the recently renovated concert hall there is the Aquarium where you can find yourself face to face to sharks and rays. Read more about Tivoli Gardens and Aquarium here

Tivoli amusement park

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2. Zoo (Zoologisk Have) with over 2000 different animals. A mini zoo has been organized for small visitors. There they can closely contact each animal, pat and even feed it with grass. Here you can find domestic animals, too. Read more about Zoo here.

City's ZOO

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3. Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum is the most exciting heritage of talented Mister Leroy Ripley, a famous caricaturist, traveler and collector. He travelled around the globe, visited its farthest places, and collected various strange and wonderful items, which are annually displayed to millions of people in the museum named after Ripley. Read more about Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum here.

Ripley's Believe It or Not museum

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4. Andersen’s World of Wonders museum (H.C. Andersen Eventyrhuset). The exhibition starts with the gallery, devoted to the period of life of the famous fairy-tale author – Denmark in 1800. Visitors are welcomed with the sounds of the city and the pictures of city life. Then, using three-dimensional animation, you will be able to immerse into the imaginary world of his fairy-tales, where Andersen’s best-known characters become alive. Read more about Andersen’s World of Wonders museum here.

Музей Мир чудес Ганса Христиана Андерсена

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5. Guinness World Records Museum is another exposition, created thanks to the world-renowned caricaturist, collector of wonders and strange items and just a very eccentric person called Leroy Ripley. Here on the area of 1000 square meters you can see the most ridiculous, great, and incredible human achievements and records from various fields of life, including sport, gardening, art and science. Read more about Guinness World Records museum here.

Музей мировых рекордов Гиннеса

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6. Tycho Brahe Planetarium is a marvelous architecture of cylindrical building with a skewed top that can be seen from afar. It was built in 1988 by Danish architect Knud Munk for placing here an advanced technology planetarium. Read more about Tycho Brahe Planetarium here.

Планетарий Тихо Браге

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7. Danish National Gallery (Statens Museum for Kunst) where all the exhibits are shown on the child’s eye level. The Danish National Gallery is located in the beautiful Østre Anlæg in the centre of Copenhagen. This is the main museum of fine art in Denmark. Read more about Danish National Gallery here.

Датская национальная галерея

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8. Carlsberg glyptotheca (Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek) is a museum of fine art, located in Copenhagen near Tivoli amusement park. It was established in the 19th century by the son of the Carlsberg brewery founder Carl Jacobsen. The glyptotheca exhibits the works of art from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and includes a wide range of works of the Golden Age of the Danish painting. Read more about Carlsberg glyptotheca here.

Глиптотека Карлсберг

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9. National Museum (Nationalmuseet) is the largest museum of the history of culture in Danmark. Here you can find the history of danish and foreign cultures in the areas of archeology, ethnology, numismatics, ethnography, science, communications, construction and antiques. Several times a year the museum arranges various exhibitions. Read more about National Museum here.

Национальный музей

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10. Military museum – Arsenal (Tøjhusmuseet) is the place where any volunteer can learn about the military history and see the Danish weapons of the past and present. This is the place housing a huge collection of hand and shoulder arms and some hundreds of cannons of various designs. Do not forget to visit the exhibition of military vehicles and the collection of military uniforms from different countries and epochs. Read more about Military museum Arsenal here.

Военный музей

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11. Amalienborg (Amalienborg slot) is the official winter residence of Danish monarchs. It was built within a short period of time (1749-1755) and was designed by N. Eigtved (1701-1754) in rococo style. Four identical palaces are located opposite each other on an octagonal ground. The equestrian monument to Frederick V is in the center. Every noon the change of guards can be watched in Amalienborg. Read more about Amalienborg here.


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12. Marble church (Marmorkirken) or Frederick’s Church is a Lutheran church, one of the main sights of Copenhagen. The green dome of this church is seen from nearly any place of the city. This is probably the most magnificent church of the Danish capital. Read more about Marble church here.

Мраморная церковь

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13. The Round Tower (Rundetårn) is one of the most extraordinary buildings of Copenhagen, erected in the city in the first half of the 17th century. There are no real stairs inside the tower, but a spiral rampant, which twists around the tower 7.5 times and leads to the viewpoint, giving a spectacular view on the pedestrian zone from the height of 32 meters. Read more about The Round Tower here.

Круглая башня

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14. Rosenborg castle (Rosenborg slot) is the only castle of Christian IV times that has been preserved with no changes from the time of its construction in 1633. It exhibits a rich collection of weapons, furniture, jewellery and precious stones of the Danish royal family from the end of the 16th century till the 19th century, as well as a collection of royal porcelain and silver. Read more about Rosenborg castle here.

Дворец Розенборг

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