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In Copenhagen you will find a great variety of places, where you can have a cup of coffee, have a bite or a substantial meal. The problem is that the city of Copenhagen is quite expensive, and human labor is valued here than anywhere else in the world, and therefore prices are  quite high.

Find a suitable value for the money is quite difficult task. Not easy, but nevertheless possible.  We will take a look here at the various dining options and will find where we can save.

1. Juice bars

2. Cafes

3. Pubs and local breweries

4. Steak houses

5. Budget restaurants

6. Unsual restaurants in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, there are about 1500 restaurants, so it is not a question of choice, here all depends on your preferences. The most popular restaurants in Copenhagen are: 

Fast food restaurants:
"Chilimili”, "Saigon", "Tight"

Sushi restaurants for those keeping to healthy food:
"Stick & Sushi", "Damindra", "Karma Fudaraku"

Buffet meals, where you can see the food from different national cuisines at reasonable prices:
"Riz Raz", "Hercegovina", "Dalle Valle"

The Danish national cuisine for those who want to try Danish dishes:
"Tivoli hallen", "Frk. Barnets Kælder", "City Kroen"

Vegetarian restaurants for people being on a diet or do not eat meat products:
"Guru", "Cap Horn", "Wagamama"

Restaurants – breweries for those who prefer to combine food with tasty and newly made beer:
Apollo Brygghus”, "Nørrebro brughus", "Færgekroen Brewery"

Steak houses for juicy-steak eaters:
"Fuego", "Mash", “Jensen Bofhus

Fish restaurants for the people who like sea food, though it is not cheap in Copenhagen:
Fish market”, "Krog's Fish Restaurant", "Oysters & Grill"

Unusual restaurants for the people striving for spectacular views, performances and unusual Danish food:

"Viva - a restaurant on the water", "Wallmans - cabaret show, "Ida Davidsen", "Maven" - restaurant in the medieval church.

Michelin restaurants for the gourmets who like to eat in a nice, entertaining and extravagant way:
Noma”, “Geranium”, "Kadeau"

The brightest examples of Michelin restaurants are “Noma” holders of 2 stars and “Geranium”, that is 2016 was able to get the third Michelin star and thus it became the first restaurant in Copenhagen with three Michelin stars.

. More information about these restaurants is given in article “Best Restaurant in the World versus best Chef in the World”.

The list of Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen is here.

Food served here is sophisticated, prices are exorbitantly high, but it is here that you will feel a real gourmet and the centre of the gastronomic Universe, being surrounded by the waiting team. 

In Copenhagen you can find a restaurant of virtually any cuisine, to any taste and pocket. What you need to do is to know where and when to go there to get maximum satisfaction at the minimum cost. If money is not a problem for you and you would like to try some genuine gastronomic masterpieces, we recommend you to visit one of the Michelin restaurants, as there are quite a few of them in Copenhagen.

All in all it is rather hard to find the ideal price/quality ratio in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is rather expensive because the labour is highly valued here and so the prices are high. We will be pleased to help you made the right choice. We will prompt, explain and/or book a table for you in the selected restaurant. Send your requests to our e-mail: info@denmark-travel.com or call us at +45 20 66 30 93 and we will make you visit to Copenhagen unforgettable.

Do not forget to indicate the restaurant you would like to go to, the preferred date and time, the number of guests as well as any special preferences, if any. You request will be considered within 24 hours from the time of its receipt.

The system of Michelin star assessment:
* - a very good restaurant in its category (type of cuisine);
** - an excellent restaurant, it is a must-go if you happen to be in this city;
*** - amazing chef’s work, original, personalized cuisine, a must-go regardless of the places where you travel.

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