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We will discuss theme of budget restaurant in this article. We tried to select the restaurants with good value for money. Many things were taken into account: location, menu, prices, personal experience and the experiences of other people according to reviews from Tripadvisor.

1. Restaurant Saigon

Addresses in Copenhagen:
Sølvgade 86, city center 
Retortvej 56 – 58, Valby
Gammel Kongevej 27, Vesterbro

Operation hours: Mon.:-Sat.: 4 pm – 10 pm. Closed on Sundays 
Web: restaurant Saigon 
Type of cuisine: vietnamese - beef, fish, seafood, soups, salads, deserts

Location on the map:

Photos of the restaurant "Saigon":

restaurant Saigon

restaurant Saigon

Prices: despite the fact that the restaurant is located in the city center, prices are more than acceptable. Soups from 59 DKK, pancakes (4 pcs.) - 55 DKK, seafood - from 95 DKK, chicken salad - 85 DKK, main dishes - from 108 DKK, roast duck in orange sauce - 118 DKK, fish in tamarind sauce (for 2 people) - 219 DKK, fried tofu with vegetables - 118 DKK, glass of wine - 42 DKK, beer 0,33 l - 32 DKK, tea - 25 DKK, coffee - 32 DKK.

Description: very nice place with good interior and a great location. One of the rare places in Copenhagen with a really good combination of price and quality. A perfect spot to visit after excursions and sightseeing tours. Here you will meet a desent service, attentive staff and really quality and tasty, may be a bit spicy food. If you are not a fan of spicy food, let the waiter know about it immediately.

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Restaurant "Tight"

Address: Hyskenstræde 10, Copenhagen 
Open hours: Mon. - Fri. from 5 pm till 10 pm, Sat. - Sun. from noon till 10 pm
Web: Restaurant "Tight"
Type of cuisine: soups, chicketn, beef, fish, seafood, burgers, deserts

Location on the map:

Photos of the restaurant "Tight":

Prices: All the menu is divided into 3 parts: an appetizer (starters), main dishes and desserts. You choose a 2-course menu for 225 DKK or three course menu, if you like desserts for 275 DKK. Read more about the menu here.

Wine, beer - a glass of 50 DKK, cocktails - 55 DKK, juice - 30 DKK, tea / coffee - 25 DKK.

A tip: It is possible to order a 5-course tasting menu for 350 DKK,  the same with 4 glasses of wine - 525 DKK. 

Description: restaurant - Tight was opened in September 2009 by three friends from Canada, Australia and France. The concept of the restaurant is to create a festive atmosphere and a high class service at reasonable prices. Without a doubt we may say that they got it. The restaurant is a godsend in terms of price / quality. Excellent location, great food, Australian, French and Canadian wines as well as a good selection of cocktails and beer will definitely brighten up your evening if you decide to show up.

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3. Restaurant Stick & Sushi

Addresses in Copenhagen:
Nansengade 59, city center 
Istergade 62, Vesterbro
Arni Magnusson Gade 2, close to city center 
Gl.Kongevej 120, Frederiksberg
Øster Farimagsgade 16, Østerbro 
Tingsted 4, Valby

Operation hours: all days of the week from 10 am till 11 pm. 
Web: restaurant Stick & Sushi  
Type of cuisine: sushi of all kinds, miso soup, salads, sandwiches, deserts, children's menu

Location on the map:

Photos of the restaurant "Stick & Sushi":

Prices: sushi 8 pieces - from 89 DKK; 11 - 16 pieces - 169 DKK; 32 pieces - 449 DKK; 52 pieces - 500 DKK, miso soups - 24 DKK, salads - from 43 DKK, sushi sandwich - 49 DKK desserts - from 22 DKK, children's menu - from 69 DKK, bottle of wine - from 178 DKK, bottle of beer 0.33 l - 35 DKK, beer 0.5 l - 48 DKK, sake - from 108 DKK for a bottle. 

Description: Really cool place, trendy and stylish, athough a bit expensive. The concept of the restaurants thought to the minor details. Design, furniture, furnishings, central location - factors that will no doubts impress you and make a visit to this place memorable.

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4. Restaurant Chilimili

Addresses in Copenhagen:
H.C. Andersen 12, city center
Grønnegade 16, city center 
Leifsgade 8, Amager

Operation hours: all days of the week from 11 am till 10 pm.  
Web: restaurant Chilimili
Type of cuisine: danish, moroccan, mediterranean, thai, vegetarian.

Location on the map:

Photos of the restaurant "Chilimili":

Prices: a variety of salads 250 ml - 39 DKK, 500 ml - 59 DKK, 1000 ml - 79 DKK, WRAP (pieces of meat, poultry or fish with salad, wrapped in a pancake) - 59 DKK, sandwiches - 55 DKK, desserts - from 15 DKK, hot dishes - from 69 DKK, a bottle of mineral water  - 15 DKK.

Description: the restaurants "Chilimili" are located in the most popular locations in Copenhagen. That gives you opportunity to eat in a fast, tasty and inexpensive way in Copenhagen. Places are quite populare, so at lunch time can be problematic to get there a table. On the menu you'll find about 20 - 30 different salads, represented cuisines from around the world, fresh sandwiches, WRAPs (pankakes with different fillings), as well as hot dishes that changes every day. Everything, except the bread is prepared here in the kitchen, everything will be fresh and tasty. Here you will find fast and efficient service, since almost everything has already been prepared in advance. Central location and low prices - almost a dream, fulfilled in practice for budget travelers.

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