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Here will be presented restaurants, which we think are quite unusual for Copenhagen due to the concept, unique location, reviews of visitors, the atmosphere or intended services. If you are looking for something special and are not afraid to overpay for it, you have came to the right place.

1. Restaurant Noma                        4. Restaurant - boat Viva

2. Wallmans show                           5. Restaurant Maven

3. Restaurant Ida Davidsen             6. Restaurant Lumske bugten

1. Restaurant "Noma"

Address: Strandgade 93, Copenhagen 
Operation hiurs: Tue.:-Sat.: lunch from noon till 4 pm, dinner from 6:30 pm till 1 pm
Web: restaurant Noma 
Type of cuisine: scandinavian haute cuisine 

General information: several times restaurant "NOMA" has been named as the best restaurant on the planet according to the prestigious British magazine "Restaurant". The restaurant is located in the heart of Copenhagen, close to the picturesque area of ​​Christiania. The name of the restaurant "NOMA" comes from the reduction of the two Danish words "Nordisk Mad", meaning - Scandinavian cuisine.

The restaurant offers dishes made exclusively from local, Nordic food, with an emphasis on environmental components. In addition to the gifts of danish nature, visitors are offered a large selection of quality wines. Waiters will do everything to make you feel comfortable and kindly answer all your questions, if there will be any. Noma changes its menu every month, adding new flavor variations and combinations.

Location on the map:

Video about restaurant "NOMA"


Photos of the restaurant "NOMA":

Prices: there is no difference between lunch and dinner. The program will be the same and consists of 7 delicious starters, 8 main dishes and 4 desserts. The meal can be paired with ecological wine glasses to each dish or with fresh squeezed juices. This restaurant experience may last for 5 hours and the average check per person at the restaurant will be about 400 euros. The menu changes every month, which is normal for the best restaurant on the planet.

restaurant Noma

restaurant Noma

What you need to know: table reservations in the best restaurant of the world should be booked for 6 months prior to the desired date. Your booking will be accepted earlier. Take on mind, that popularity of that places clearly exceeds its capacity, all the "vacant tables" literally "fly away". Therefore, if you want to dine at Noma in December, it is better to order your table already in June, for January in July, etc. 

Environment has an equally important meaning for creating a pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant's interior is designed in a classic northern style: simple, low-key and at the same time, open and sincere. Large space, floors of oak planks, wooden tables and chairs, covered with animal skins, sunlight entering through the large windows, white walls and the lack of music - all of this is significantly different from the other restaurants in the interior decoration and gives Noma unique features.

restaurant Noma

Almost from the first day of its opening Noma was among the best restaurants in the world and has many titles: 2 Michelin stars, the best restaurant in the world in 2010 and 2011. At the end of 2012, the restaurant Noma has taken the second place in the world ranking, giving the palm to the Catalan restaurant El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain. The restaurant is also the owner of the best wine list among restaurants in Copenhagen in 2005.

Read more about restaurant "NOMA" in our article "2 best restaurants in Copenhagen".

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2. Wallmans show

Address: Jernbanegade 8, Copenhagen 
Operation hours: restaurant opens at 6 pm, show starts at 7 pm and lasts till 11 pm, when restaurant turns into a night club with disco till 2 am.  
Web: Wallmans show 
Type of cuisine: 5 different menu, based on beef, fish or vegetarian products

General information: Wallmans is a unique concept -  show with dinner. The action consists of the finest performances of talented artists, fine cuisine and beverages. Solemn atmosphere, high-class service and an exciting action on stage involve guests in the fantasy world of a feast and give an unforgettable evening full of impressions.

Location on the map:

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Photos of the Wallmans show:

Ресторан кабаре Wallmans

Prices range from 475 DKK to 1195 DKK (depending on the day of the week, the selected menu, category of the ticket and the time of year when the show takes place). The show goes 3 times a week: on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tickets on Thursday show, much cheaper than on Friday and Saturday. All menus are basically similar, the only difference is in the choice of main course: steak, lamb, fish or vegetarian menu. Menu usually consists of several appetizers, soup, main course and a few desserts. Drinks are not included: wine - from 52DKK for a glass or 239 for a bottle,  beer - from 35 DKK for a 0.33 l glass,  0.5 liter glass 49 DKK, bottle of mineral water - 29 DKK, tea / coffee - 29 DKK.

Wallmans show

Description: The show - cabaret Wallmans is something unique of its kind. There is nothing like that somewhere else in Copenhagen. The show was attended by more than 550 000 people over the last 8 years. You are offered 5 different menus to choose from, which are served in the pauses between the performances. Here you will find interesting musical program, which lasts for 3 hours in the former building of the circus, almost opposite the entrance to amusement park Tivoli, in the heart of Copenhagen.

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3. Restaurant "Ida Davidsen"

Address: Store Kongensgade 70, Copenhagen 
Operation hours: Mon.:-Fri.: 10:30 am till 5 am. Kitchen closes at 4 pm. 
Web: restaurant Ida Davidsen
Type of cuisine: different open sandwiches about 250 kinds. As well as meat, fish, seafood, soups and desserts.

Location on the map:

Video about restaurant "Ida Davidsen":

Photos of restaurant "Ida Davidsen":

restaurant Ida Davidsen

restaurant Ida Davidsen

Prices: Open sandwiches from 55 to 130 DKK (depends from the size) per piece. Meat dishes and soups from 85 DKK, seafood from 95 DKK, desserts 65 DKK. Wine or beer - from 50 to 75 DKK per glass, juice - 30 DKK, tea / coffee - 25 DKK.

A tip: It is possible to order the children's menu. The place is very popular, so prior reservations strongly recommended. Book your table by phone: +45 33 91 36 55.

restaurant Ida Davidsen

Description: the Danes created a cult of the open sandwich and the restaurant "Ida Davidsen" a good example of that. For over 100 years the family Davidsen pampers its visitors with masterpieces of Danish cooking. There is no menu in this restaurant as a such. You will be offered a huge number of open sandwiches, which are laid out on the counter. Everything looks very nice, yummy, creative and delicious.The choice is truly enormous, because of its 100 year history, the family Davidsen really learned to make a great open sandwich.

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4. Restaurant - boat "Viva"

Address: Langebrogade pier, Copenhagen 
Operaton hour: from 1 april 2012 the restaurant opened every day from 5 pm. The kitchen opens till 9:30 pm. 
Web: restaurant - boat "Viva"
Type of cuisine: Scandinavian and French 

Location on the map:

Photos of the restaurant "Viva":

restaurant Viva

restaurant Viva

restaurant Viva

restaurant Viva

restaurant Viva

restaurant Viva

restaurant Viva

restaurant Viva

Prices: you have a choice between a 3-course menu for 350 DKK or 5-course dinner for 500 DKK. The menu includes one or more starters, a main dish (fish or meat), plus dessert or different slices of cheese to choose from. In addition to the food you will be also offered a wine menu of 3 glasses for 300 DKK or 5 glasses for 450 DKK. Or you can order dishes from menu - a la carte. Snacks 100 DKK, main dishes from 250 DKK, desserts 100 DKK.

Description: The boat was built as a restaurant in the town of Nyborg and can accommodate up to 70 guests during the winter period. Up to 50 guests can be sitted on the upper deck. During the summer restaurant "Viva" set tables on the enbankment near the boat, that could accommodate additional 100 guests. A good idea is to start with a glass of champagne on the terrace, which offers a good view of the harbor, the Royal library "Black Diamond" and the Opera House, and then dine at the restaurant, which is specialized in fish and seafood. The thing about this restaurant is, that you will feel swinging on the waves, from the passing boats. Stay calm, swinging will not be strong enough to make you seasick. It simply reminds you, that you are on the water, not on land.

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5. Restaurant "Maven"

Address: Nikolaj Plads 10, Copenhagen
Operation hours: Mon.-Sat.: 11.30am till midnight. Sunday closed. The kitchen opens: for lunch from 11.30 am till 3.30 pm; for dinner from 5.30 pm till 10 pm. 
Web: restaurant "Maven" 
Type of cuisine: European - seafood, meat, danish specialties

Location on the map:

Photos of the restaurant "Maven":

Prices: menu of the restaurant is divided into 4 sections: lunch, which offers several open sandwiches (smørrebrød) for 198 DKK, marinated herring - 95 DKK, fishcakes - 125 DKK or chicken salad - 110 DKK. Vegetarians here will like the choice of a variety salads from 45 to 145 DKK, steamed mussels - 165 DKK, langoustines - 145 DKK, 1/2 lobster - 145 DKK or a plate with a variety of seafood: oysters, langoustines, crab, shrimp, lobster, mussels - 775 DKK. Please note, that abovementioned seafood plate is only available during the summer monthes. 

For meat lovers restaurant "Maven" offers calf tartare - 135 DKK, pork - 185 DKK, lamb - 205 DKK or ribs - 255 DKK. Snack lovers and sweet-tooth can indulge different cakes, ice cream, cheeses, olives and meat cuttings. The restaurant offers a good selection of wines from almost all over the world: Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Austria, USA, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa. It seems, that the owner of restaurant "Maven" is a big fan of France and Italy, because the most of the wine come to the restaurant from these countries. The price for a glass of wine varies from 55 to 100 DKK, for a bottle from 300 DKK to 3000 DKK.

A tip: For those who find it difficult to choose a certain dish, enjoy a lunch set of 3 courses: open sandwich, a meat (pork or ribs) and dessert for 405 DKK.

Important: The above mentioned menu and photos reflect the summer menu. The restaurant offers a varied selection of food at different times of the year. A wide variety of seafood is available only during the summer. The current menu of restaurant "Maven" can be checked here.

Description: restaurant "Maven" in danish means "stomach", so a visit to this place would be akin to gastronomic pleasure for your stomach. The restaurant is located in the very city center, next to the popular pedestrian street Strøget, in the building of the medieval church. If you have trouble finding the entrance to the restaurant, at the church hangs a huge poster on which is written: "I am not a church".  And the arrow shows how to get to the restaurant.

Restaurant "Maven" first opened its doors to visitors on 22 August 2011. Meals are prepared in Italian - French style, as a restaurant owner Thomas Gordes lived a long period of time in Italy. In summer, guests of the restaurant "Maven" can enjoy the nice weather, sitting outside. If you come with children, you can send them to the playground, which is located nearby. When the weather does not allow to sit outside, you will be offered lunch in a medieval style in the restaurant: Persian carpets, painted stained glass, medieval furniture made of precious wood, candelabra, with candles on the tables without tablecloths. In general, a very decent place that is suitable to all lovers of good food, historical authenticity and good value for money.

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6. Seafood restaurant "Lumske bugten" 

Address: Esplanaden 21, Copenhagen
Operation hours: for lunch: Mon. - Sat. from 11.30 am till 3 pm; for dinner Wed.. - Sat. from 5.30 pm tlll 10 pm. Sunday closed 
Web: restaurant "Lumske bugten"
Type of cuisine: European - seafood, meat, danish specialties

Location on the map:

Photos of the restaurant "Lumske bugten":

Prices: If you like seafood, restaurant "Lumske bugten" is a must.  During the lunchtime restaurant offers numerous types of danish herring - 80 DKK, danish open sandwiches (smørrebrød) for 115 DKK and different kinds of cheeses to choose from. If this was not enough for you, you can get oysters - 40 DKK / piece, flatfish fillets - 115 DKK, crab claws - 135 DKK or lamb with fennel and cabbage 185 DKK. If you are not able to make up your mind, take a complex dinner of 2, 3 or 4 dishes from 250 to 400 DKK. Vegetarian meals are also available in a 2 or 3 course meal for 225 - 300 DKK.

Please note that the evening menu is significantly different from daytime menu. At the evening, the restaurant "Lumske bugten" works as  a-la carte restaurant, where visitors are offered seafood: oysters - 40 DKK / piece, lobster - 195 DKK, fillet of fried fish (mackerel or flatfish from 175 to 300 DKK, tartar beef - 150 DKK and roast pork with seasonal vegetables - 195 DKK. In the evening it is possible to order a set of 3, 4 or 5 dishes from 420 to 600 DKK. Vegetarian menu consists of 3 dishes in the evening and will cost 300 DKK. The wine list is not very big and depends from the season.

Interesting fact: many royalties very dinning in the restaurant "Lumskke bugten" at various times. The restaurant was established in 1854 and since that time many royalties visited this place like russian tsars Alexander 2 and  Nicholas 3rd, the Danish King Christian 10, Frederick 8, 9, the present Queen Margaret 2nd and many others.

Important: The above menus and photos reflect the summer menu. The restaurant offers a varied selection of food at different times of the year. Check the current menu of the restaurant "Lumske bugten" for the lunch here and for the dinner here.

Description: Lumskebugten in danish means sandbanks, which may take the ship. In 1854, there opened a restaurant of the same name, where the sailors set sail and went ashore. Restaurant "Lumske bugten" became the perfect place where the sailors "could run aground" after a long trip and have a good time.

"Lumske bugten" is a restaurant for all lovers of fresh air, seafood, seasonal herbs, low prices and professional service. If you want to try the famous Scandinavian herring, the restaurant "Lumske bugten" one of the best places in town. The restaurant is located in a beautiful area, next to the waterfront Langelinje, the winter residence of Amalienborg, the Anglican Church, and Little Mermaid Gefion fountain. 

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