How to save on accommodation

1. Hotels and their stars

Planning a trip, you should ask youself a question, how much will be relevant for you internet access, the availability of the hotel sauna, fitness center, solarium, swimming pool and other places of entertainment. If most of the time you want to spend exploring the city, there is no sense to overpay for hotel accommodation, offering such services.

2. Booking the hotel room through internet booking system.

It may sound strange, but sometimes to book the hotel room through online booking systems can be cheaper than to book a room directly on the hotel website. That is why, before you confirm your room on the hotel website, figure out how much it costs in the popular booking systems as:,,,

If possible, check as many options on the above websites as possible. Wide choice will allow you to find the most interesting proposals on the price / quality ratio.

3. Online Hotel Reservation

Sometimes the situation is quite the opposite, and on the hotel website you can find a better price than in online booking systems. Try to find the webpage of the chosen hotel. Compare prices from the hotel website with the prices from online booking systems. Book the cheapest one.

4. Hostels

The hotel is always a good choice, but why not consider the possibility of living in hostels. Sometimes the line between hotel and hostel is virtually indistinguishable, except only for price. In hostels, if you travel as a group, you can rent a separate room for the entire group for peanuts. And you don't have to worry about sanitation. In every hostel in Europe the sanitation level is always high.

5. Early booking

As well as tour companies, who get discounts for early reservations and wholesale, you can get discounts when booking the hotel room in advance. Discounts for early booking may reach up to 30%.

6. Travelling during off-season which is in Denmark from October to March, you allow you to get a serious discount on hotel accommodation. During the off-season tourists flow is greatly reduced, and hotels reduce prices drastilcally. It does not apply to all hotels of course, but to many. You should also be aware that most of the hotels during the off-season, trying to reduce their costs, and variety of its services (dismiss the staff, simplify nutrition, eliminate some free services).

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